Returning to Campus

August 01, 2020

Please observe social distancing, mask requirements and cashless payment system. 

Have a Specific Question? Refer to the FAQ at the end of this page.

The first step to dining on campus safely is to follow the basic guidelines set out by the CDC, state regulations and the University

  1. Wash your hands frequently.   - Best practice is 30 seconds with soap and water before and after eating.
  2. Clean and sanitize all touched surfaces. - We will be cleaning and sanitizing tables, counter tops, door knobs and other touched surfaces several times each hour. We suggest frequently sanitizing keys, car handles and cell phones.
  3. Stay home if you have cold or flu like symptoms. - We will be doing frequent wellness checks with our staff. We suggest ordering a meal to be delivered if you are feeling feverish, or have cold or flu symptoms
  4. Maintain a 6ft distance from other people. - Our kitchens will be set up to allow 6ft of space between each person picking up a meal as well as 6ft of distance between our staff members. Our staff will also be required to wear masks while on the premises.   
  5. Cover your cough. - Best practice here is to simply wear a non-medical cloth mask when out of your home. Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the corner of your elbow
  6. Be calm and cautious. - This is a strange time for all of us and things will change as new information comes to us. Stay calm and flexible, be sure to get your information directly from us or from the University before making any changes.
We're all in this together and we are going to make this a great year!

COVID prevent-01

What to expect when dining on campus:

1. Masks will be required while inside any of our dining locations. 


2. Dining halls will have marked flow of traffic and observe social distancing. 


3. All food will be served, no self-service will be available. 

Order Pick Up-01Order Pick Up-02

look for these signs to find the line for each meal concept

4. All service will be done with compostable or recyclable one-time use containers. No outside containers will be allowed. Each new serving will have its own disposable container. 


This includes reusable cups and water bottles. Cup and bottle water filling stations will be available throughout residential buildings. 

5. Tables will be marked when they have been used and when they have been disinfected. Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer will be available, as well. 

Table Tags-02 Table Tags-01

Check this sign before having a seat in the dining halls. Remember to flip it to the "stop" side before leaving your table. 

6. All transactions will be cashless and touchless. Be prepared to use only a Pioneer ID Card, Debit card or Credit card to make purchases on campus.


Still have questions? Contact Us.



·        Masks are required to be served.  They will be available at every entrance.

·        We will provide plexiglass barriers at cashier stands/Point of Service

·        We are only accepting contactless payments (DU ID cards and credit cards)

·        Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at entrances of dining locations and at exits

·        We will offer limited dine-in seating following state and local guidelines.  We are allowing one person per table, two people at tables eight feet long.

·        Signage will be evident that delineates traffic patterns and social distancing

·        Menu items will be served and there will not be any self-service in the dining servery.

·        Food will be boxed in to-go containers allowing students the option to dine in or take out.  We are encouraging outdoor seating on the patio and grass areas.

·        All beverages will be self-served using a touchless system/dispenser.  Where necessary disposable paper is available for one time use on beverage dispensers.

·        Denver Dining will be offering a full menu selection in both Centennial and Nelson Dining Halls, including:

o  Classic Comfort Food, including daily soup option

o  International Action Station

o  Grill and Deli

o  Pasta

o  Vegan and Vegetarian

o  Salad Bar

o  Dessert Bar


·        Food Allergens will be labeled and optional selections for students with dietary issues will be available

o  A refrigerated case will be stocked for students who have food allergy’s or need dietary items not available on the serving line




·        Nagel Dining will have all four options available, including:

o  Salsa Rico

o  Simple Servings (items available without seven of the eight most common allergens)

o  Pronto’s Pasta (limited menu for quick service and reduced congestion)

Pioneer Pita (limited menu for quick service and reduced congestion)

·        All dining halls, Centennial, Nelson and Nagel, will operate regular dining hours including late night. Visit our Web Site for more information




o  Some adjustments may be made in Halls and Nelson during light lunch to allow for electrostatic cleaning between meals


v Retail location hours subject to change with advance notice

·        Student’s should contact our Registered Dietitian, Gina Vega, RDN, 303.871.4939

·        Gina will support student’s 1:1 as their liaison with our culinary team

·        Student’s should reach out to Gina FIRST before asking the parents to call for them.

·       The Pioneer General Stores in J-Mac and Centennial Halls will be open to midnight on weeknights and 9 pm on Saturday/Sunday.

·       Einstein’s Bagels will be open in the Daniels College of Business and a food cart will be placed in front of Sturm Hall with an Einstein’s Express Menu

·       The Front Porch Café in the Anderson Academic Commons will be open and is expected to be a hub for students having classes and study spaces.

·       The WOW Café in the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science will not open this fall.  Students will not have access to the building unless they have a class and social distancing in open spaces was very challenging for those individuals using the building.

·        Students in quarantine will be provided an on-line ordering system.

·        They will order their food from an established menu for the next day by 2 pm. 

·        Options will be available from the Classic Station, Grill/Deli, Vegan or Pasta. A salad, dessert and water bottle will be included.

·        Denver Dining will be delivering twice per day, Lunch and Dinner/Breakfast.

·        Special diets for food allergens will be taken into consideration when preparing meal delivery.

·        Food will be brought to the front desk of the building and HRE representative will distribute to the students on the floors.

·        Every student will need a reminder you’re thinking of them.  We will continue to offer birthday or special occasion cakes, fruit trays and cookie packages from our gifts and more web site.

·        Students will be contacted, and they will pick up the item at the General Store closest to their residence hall.

·        Students in the DVRH will go to Centennial Halls.


·        Denver Dining by Sodexo will be focusing on opening the Rebecca Chopp Grand Central Market in the new Community Commons after Nov 24th.  Food services will reopen in our expanded space on January 3, 2021.