Welcome to the Corner Store at DU!

Our Eat>Now stores powered by Aifi are state-of-the-art technology and the first of their kind on a university campus. Enjoy an effortless shopping experience right from the comfort of the residence halls on campus.

The Corner Stores are seamless, cashier-less markets featuring a massive selection of ready-made, fresh and shelf-stable foods as well as home goods, personal needs and more! Options are available for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, as well.

Using the Eat>Now Corner Store is easy! Download the Everyday App now to have all food related info at your fingertips!


The Denver Dining Corner Store, powered by Aifi, is a totally autonomous convenience store. With no cashier and no checkout line, it is a fast, convenient and easy way to get snacks, household goods and more right here on campus. To start, download the Everyday App from Everyday.Sodexo.com and create an account. Once you have an Everyday account, go to "Payment Methods". Add a Credit Card and a Student account, apply pay or other payment option. (Note: You will need at least a credit or debit card attached to the account to shop. You will be able to choose your form of payment each time you shop)

Try going through these troubleshooting steps:

1. Ensure that your eAccounts is set up and is showing a balance for your student accounts. https://eacct-du-sp.transactcampus.com/eaccounts/AnonymousHome.aspx

2. Add your campus account AND a credit or debit card. Make sure that both show a check mark next to them when trying to enter the store

3. Ensure that all of your Everyday account information matches that of your Student ID. If not, contact the ID card office to find out why. 

4. Click on "Unselect Switch Wallet" if using only a debit or credit card to remove campus card selection.

If you have tried all of these steps and are still having trouble, use the "support" link in the app for help

Sure! To start, you'll look for the decal on the floor that says "Wait here" and wait there. Once the shopping party in front of you is finished scanning and the door has completely closed behind them**, you'll pull up your Everyday app and click "Menus". Choose the store you are shopping at and the type of payment you would like to use. As long as there is a balance in your payment account, the system will generate a QR code for you. Approach the scanner screen and turn the brightness on your phone all the way up. Place your phone, screen up, under the scanner screen and pull back until you hear a "beep". Once you see the "Success!" screen, the doors should open and you're ready to shop!**

If you brought your own bag, use it like a shopping cart. Grab what you need, put it in your bag and head out the door. Pockets can be shopping carts, too! 

After about 15 minutes, you should get a notification that your receipt is being generated and you're all set!

** These instructions are very important. Please note that if a person enters the store during someone else's shop without permission, they may be found in violation of the school's Student Rights and Responsibilities Code of Honor. To ensure you are being charged correctly, be sure the doors are completely closed in front of you and that the scanner shows "Success!" before you enter the store. 

** If you see another person trying to enter the store on your shop, politely ask them to step back and wait for the door to close and the scanner to read "success!" 

See pages 19 and 20 https://studentaffairs.du.edu/sites/default/files/2022-03/DU_honor_code_2021-2022.pdf for more information

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your shopping experience at the Corner Store exceptional:

- Always verify your form of payment before entering the store

- When a shopper scans in and the door opens, anyone who enters through the door before it closes (even if they scan their own code) will be charged on the first shopper's account. Avoid taking on someone else's shopping trip by kindly asking them to wait for the door to close behind you before entering the store

- Bring your own reusable bag. Better for the environment, easier shopping trip. 

- If you're able, stop by at off-peak times. When the store is less crowded, you're more likely to find what you're looking for and keep your shopping trip short.

- Pick up items individually. If you want to purchase 10 of an item, pick them up one or two at a time and count them into your bag. Our system will do a much better 

Use the "support" link inside the app. You will get an automated response right away and one of our staff will contact you within 24 hours.
When looking at the receipt click "Need Help?" and reply to the automated message with the details of the error as well as the 5 digit Aifi Order number found in the "Aifi Orders" tab
Refunds may take 3-5 business days to process back into your student account. If this amount of time has passed and you still haven't gotten your refund, contact Tiffany.Cronick@sodexo.com or Tad.Robnett@Sodexo.com for a follow up.