First and Second year students must choose a meal plan from the Unlimited, 125 Block, or 100 Block Plans. Students have until the first week of each quarter to change their meal plan. Meals and Meal Plan Cash expire at the end of each quarter and do not carry over. You must present your student ID to access dining halls. Meal plans non-transferable.

The Meal Plan Cash included with each meal plan can be used in any of the dining locations on campus. One Meal Plan Cash dollar is equal to $1 in cash. Meal Plan Cash purchases are exempt from sales tax. Meal Plan Cash is a declining balance account. The amount attached to the meal plan selected is the balance at the beginning of the academic quarter; each purchase is deducted from that account. Meal Plan Cash expires at the end of each quarter and is non-refundable.

Flex Dollars may be added to your Pioneer ID card at any time and be used at any dining location on campus. When you use Flex Dollars at dining locations on campus, you will receive a 10% discount and you don’t pay sales tax – a savings of over 18%. Flex Dollars roll over and can be refunded upon graduation or at the end of an academic year. To add Flex Dollars to your card, please visit.

Visit our Meal Plan Professor to find out!

Your friends and family are welcome to dine with you in any of our campus dining locations. When using Nelson or Centennial Dining Halls, the Unlimited Plan offers 10 guest meals per quarter, the 125 or 100 Block Plans allow any meal to be used as a guest meal. If you are using our on campus retail venues you may use Meal Plan Cash, Flex or cash/credit cards.

We understand that students may have special dietary needs and we are here to support your dining experience. Please contact your dining hall manager if you have any questions or requests.

Benefits of Campus Meal Plans

Location - On-campus dining locations are convenient to where you live and go to class

Nutritional - All our nutritional facts are posted both online and next to each item in the residential dining stations

Options - Enjoy the flexibility of a meal plan and get the most value by choosing the plan that fits your lifestyle

We’ve saved your favorite seat and we look forward to serving you:

  • Mindful Wellness Program to guide nutrient dense food decisions
  • Enjoy our Pop-Up HotSpot Bars that ensure daily variety
  • FANASTIC Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes
  • Enjoy Themed meals like Chinese Lunar New Year and Midnight Breakfast during exams!
  • International Guest Chefs from across the globe share their food & culture
  • Delicious entrees & actions stations providing food prepared just the way you like it
  • A fully-loaded salad bar
  • An on campus bakery that prepares a daily variety baked goods with local ingredients
  • Hydration stations offering water flavored with fresh fruits
  • All your favorite grilled items and pizza
  • A seating area that ensures a relaxing, comfortable dining experience
All your dining needs will be met at our state-of-the-art dining facilities in Centennial and Nelson Halls. They are sustainably designed and operated:
  • Tray less dining saving over 400,000 gallons of water each year
  • No waste service ware – we use china, silverware and glasses
  • Composting pre and post production
  • Recycle frying oil for use as biodiesel
  • Recycling cardboard and plastic bottles
  • We buy local and change our menus to reflect seasonal availability of produce