Centennial Halls And Nelson Corner Stores

August 29, 2022

During Spring Quarter, we opened two cashier-less corner stores for you! Not only are they stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, but they also have fresh to-go meals, and household and school supplies. Using the app, you are able to purchase all your snacks and needs with meal plan cash, or your own debit or credit card. These stores are the first of their kind in a University, and remain at the height of technology for a cashier-less store. This enables you to get in and get out with minimal contact with others, keeping you safe and on your way! The fresh to-go meals are prepared just for you and changed out hourly, and have breakfast options in the morning, and lunch and dinner options later on in the day. So, if you're unable to make it to the community commons for lunch, don't fret, the corner stores at Centennial Halls and Nelson have your back.