New Ozzi Reusable To-Go Containers

August 30, 2022

This fall, get ready to help your community and our planet! We have started a new and simple program using reusable containers. This new system will reduce landfill waste as well as eliminate paper containers on your campus. Residents will be given a token with their welcome packets that will get them one reusable container. All others will be able to pick up a token at provided locations which will be announced soon. These to-go containers will be available for all students and staff not eating in the community commons. In order to make sure we are maximizing the reduction of waste, we require those guests eating in the commons use the china provided. Once you have taken your meal to-go in one of these reusable containers, you will be able to enjoy your meal, and return the container to one of the OZZI machines to be cleaned and sanitized for reuse, and you will receive a token for your next to-go meal container! 

With this simple process, our university will be able to make a difference for the planet, and make sure we are all doing our part to use sustainable options. 

Meal Plan Cash Update!

August 28, 2022

Starting this fall quarter, your unused Meal Plan Cash will roll over into the new quarter! Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to spend your Meal Plan Cash how you want to. This new program allows you to save any MPC you haven't used and have it added on to your next quarter's stash. Each meal plan will still come with the $300 in MPC, however, this new roll over program will allow you to make your money go further. Instead of your MPC expiring at the end of each quarter, it will now roll over and be available for you to continue using in addition to the $300 MPC you'll get with the next quarter's meal plan. This will give you more options on how and when to spend your MPC, and allow you to never worry about losing it if you don't use it. We hope you're as excited as we are about this new roll over program!

New Everyday App

August 30, 2022

Another new change coming to you this Fall Quarter will be the Everyday App. This app will take the place of the current Bite U App, and has a more user-friendly interface. Not only will Everyday pair seamlessly with the cashier-less Eat Now solution, but it will also be easy to use and comprehensive. This will allow users to view menu items as well as nutritional information, and to earn rewards. With better connectivity, integration and flexibility, you will be able to personalize the app, creating a more consistent user experience. While the app you'll use may be new, you'll find all of the convivence of the old app with a fresh new and intuitive design. 

Centennial Halls And Nelson Corner Stores

August 29, 2022

During Spring Quarter, we opened two cashier-less corner stores for you! Not only are they stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, but they also have fresh to-go meals, and household and school supplies. Using the app, you are able to purchase all your snacks and needs with meal plan cash, or your own debit or credit card. These stores are the first of their kind in a University, and remain at the height of technology for a cashier-less store. This enables you to get in and get out with minimal contact with others, keeping you safe and on your way! The fresh to-go meals are prepared just for you and changed out hourly, and have breakfast options in the morning, and lunch and dinner options later on in the day. So, if you're unable to make it to the community commons for lunch, don't fret, the corner stores at Centennial Halls and Nelson have your back.