Dining to Go

In a hurry while you're on campus? Want to enjoy your meal on the green? Hoping to save some of your food for later? 

Denver Dining offers an array of ways to get your meal to go! 

All of our retail locations as well as our Nagel Market locations offer meals in sustainable to go containers when you order at the counter.

Use Tapingo to order your meal in advance and pick it up when you're ready. A great choice to grab food in between a busy class schedule.

To use Tapingo:

  • Download the App using the link below
  • Select your location and food items
  • Set a time for pickup
  • Meet your food at the pickup window!

tapingo button-01  tapingo button-02

Kiwibot is a revolutionary new system that delivers your food right to your building in a friendly little robot!

To use Kiwibot:

  • Download the app using the link below
  • Select your location and meal
  • Watch the bot on the map as it makes its way to your location
  • Scan the bot to open and retrieve your meal!

kiwibot buttons-01 kiwibot buttons-02

To-Go Meals are available to students with a meal plan for times when they are unable to get to one of the dining locations during regular meal hours. This may occur due to illness, an off-campus field trip or job, or some other scheduling conflict.

Check out our gifts and other to go items, click here to visit our shop.