The Rebecca Chopp Grand Central Market

November 22, 2019

Introducing the University of Denver’s Community Commons, opening in January of 2021! This building is part of the larger Denver Advantage program to include community-forward campus updates. Read more about Denver Advantage at the University of Denver’s website.

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The Rebecca Chopp Grand Central Market will be a dining hub located on the second floor of the Community Commons. With four beautiful, open and inviting dining “Neighborhoods”, the Grand Central Market will offer a variety of spaces to eat, socialize, study and relax. Within the market, there are nine eateries, each with specialized and customizable menus, boasting at least 600 unique meal combinations between them. Meals will be suited to any kind of diet, as well. With locations like Simple and Vegan/Veg catering specifically to allergen-free and meat-free diets, as well as other locations offering fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy alternatives for every meal, everyone will find it easy to strike a balance between variety and nutrition.

For more information on the second-floor collective eateries, click here.